Brick Battalions About Us

Marcus Schultz has always had a fascination with the Second World War, Lego, and design. It started when he was nine and he got a few small Lego sets, which sparked his initial interest. Around fourteen he fell into what Lego builders call “The Dark Age”, that period of a builders life where they lose interest in the incredible, advanced, and intricate world of the brick. (You know, like during the Middle Ages). Now Marcus was eighteen. As he traveled along his merry way he met another young man named Greg (their sisters went to the same school). Anyway, Greg was making a brickfilm and asked Marcus to build sets. This stimulated Marcus to reengage with the brick. Shortly thereafter he once again began to explore the incredible world of the Second World War through his designs. He began with the Deuce and a Half 6 x 6 American Transport Truck. Then there was a half-track. Then a jeep, a tank…the list goes on. Marcus skills grew and his designs improved. Then a crazy friend suggested that he start a company to sell the models. Marcus was getting a little crazy too at this point, so he agreed to give it a try. Brick Battalions was born! He and some other friends worked on logos, designs, images, instructions, and the like. Brick Battalions soon made its debut at Brickworld Chicago 2011, where it had an incredibly positive reception. Marcus went home inspired, and was soon churning out other designs. The website came together, and Brick Battalions is as you see it today!